Use Case: ARGO EMPI Software

ARGO EMPI Software Drives Meaningful Use Through Patient Portal
A leading Healthcare Integrated Delivery Network based in the U.S. selected ARGO to deliver the Entity Match & Resolution Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) solution to accurately manage patient information and registration for more than 60 hospitals, clinics, and other facilities. Discussions with this client originally focused on clean patient data and analytics for a key business intelligence initiative. Later discussions expanded this project to include creating an EMPI to connect locations across the organization and manage more than 12 million patient records for more than 7 million patients. The client selected the ARGO EMPI solution from a short list of four potential candidates for many reasons, including:

    • Exceptional matching accuracy
    • Duplicate reduction to as low as 0.5 percent
    • Improved and efficient access to patient records
    • Duplicate prevention
    • Reporting and auditing capabilities
    • Streamlined user interface

The client has a leading electronic health record (EHR) solution in place, along with different and disconnected master patient index (MPI) systems across multiple regions – all with rudimentary matching and deduplication capabilities. The ARGO EMPI solution works with data from EHRs and across MPIs in all of the client’s facilities to detect, match, and resolve duplicate records created due to data entry errors or because of system limitations.

After an existing record is corrected or “cleaned,” the patient associated with the record is assigned a unique identifier by the ARGO EMPI. In this way, past, current, and future medical history is associated with a unique patient. New entries are also assigned a unique identifier within the ARGO EMPI, ensuring that a single unique patient record is shared across all systems in every region.

A high level of clean and accurate records, sharing data across the organization, and the creation of records and identifiers for “Unique Patients” are all critical to the Patient Portal the client provides for their patients to meet and exceed Meaningful Use criteria. The ARGO EMPI helps ensure that patients, clinicians, and HIM staff have access to consistent and accurate data throughout the organization, now and in the future.