CareChain Software

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ARGO CareChain patient risk-stratified, care coordination, and population health management software uses predictive algorithms to drive risk assessments and clinical insights across the continuum of care. CareChain’s comprehensive, flexible, and highly configurable system helps organizations reduce costs, streamline operations, and achieve better patient health outcomes.

CareChain combines:

Population Health Management
Uses data to stratify patient populations, predict and track 30-day preventable readmissions, and monitor emergency department utilization.

    • Clinical Decision Support
    • Analytics-Driven Risk Models
    • Cohort Analysis
    • Population Health Measures

Care Coordination and Patient Engagement
Supports care management processes, including care transitions, referrals, and engagements to improve patient health outcomes.

    • Risk-Stratified Patient Registries
    • Program Design and Governance
    • Health Assessments and Personalized Care Plans
    • Patient Outreach
    • Transitions of Care
    • Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators

Data Aggregation and Integration
Collects and transforms data from multiple sources, creating information that helps organizations assist
each patient.

    • Longitudinal Records
    • Patient Identity
    • Flexible Reports

The healthcare organization can choose either an On-Premise or Cloud Deployment model for CareChain.